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Aloha Right Now

Aloha Right Now Premium Dried Li Hing Mango Slices | 1 lb 16 oz

Aloha Right Now Premium Dried Li Hing Mango Slices | 1 lb 16 oz

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Size:1 Pound | 16 Ounce The natural sweetness of mango combined with the tanginess of li hing mui makes a wonderful treat. A local favorite in Hawaii, this snack is worth bringing back to the mainland for friends and family! This premium dried Mango is one of many favorite Hawaiian snacks and Asian candy. It is also popularly known as Asian food, Filipino snacks, Chinese candy, Hawaii snacks, li hing mui candy, and Hawaiian Candy. You can find various types of dried mango in many grocery retailers across Hawaii. The Aloha Right Now, Co. offers many locally known Hawaiian snacks, such as Li Hing Mui Mango, Arare, dried seafood, pancake mixes, Hawaiian snack packs, Macadamia nuts, and much much more!

  • PREMIUM DRIED MANGO SLICES - Our fresh mangoes are all hand-picked & individually sliced to ensure the highest quality in every bite that will leave you wanting more!
  • SWEET LI HING MUI POWDER -- This powder has a strong and distinctive flavor that is a combination of sweet, sour, and salty. Our mango slices are all sprinkled with this infamous sweet mango powder.
  • HAWAIIAN SNACK FAVORITE -- Get a piece of this mouth-watering & addictive Hawaiian snack that is loved and craved by locals of all ages in Hawaii.
  • HEALTHY SNACKING CHOICE -- Dried fruit snacks that are fat-free and cholesterol-free, which is a great alternative source for snacking. A diet-friendly snack for active individuals that like to snack healthy.
  • FAMILY OWNED & USA PACKED -- Aloha Right Now, Co. is locally owned and operated straight out of Oahu, Hawaii, USA. Support Hawaii locals and spread the Aloha Right Now!


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