Size 1lb Hawaiian Peaberry Whole Bean Coffee

Kauai Coffee 100% Hawaiian Peaberry Whole Been Coffee - 1lb Peaberry coffee beans, named for their unique round pea shape, are found in less then 2%of all coffee. Typical coffee beans grow inside the coffee cherry as halved of a pair, each bean shaped with one flat side and one round side. But Peaberry coffee beans grow just on bean to a cherry, yielding a unique spherical shape. Earh year at the Koala Estate on the island of Kauai, beans are hand-sorted during harvest to retrieve these special beans. With their round pea shape, Peaberry coffee beans roast perfectly even from the outside to the center. With attention to detail, our artisan, small-batch roasting give you a smooth, balanced flavor in every cup. Ingredients: 100% Hawaiian coffee

  • Hand-sorted